Metrojam – Open Stage night in London



12th December 2019 - doors open 8.00pm

Montage from Metrojam

Metrojam in May montage

Here is a video montage from last night's Metrojam in May at The Masons Arms in Kensal Green.With TJ Johnson, Andy Hodge, Ross Gordon, George Jack, Rick Mayston, @

Posted by Paul Mason on Friday, 3 May 2019

Montage from April's Metrojam

Here is a montage video from the Metrojam in April at The Masons Arms on Thursday. Another night of great performances.Enjoy

Posted by Paul Mason on Saturday, 6 April 2019

1 day ago
Photos from Metrojam's post

Another fantastic night of music, fun ... and no politics!
The night had a really cool vibe, so cool jazz, funk, soul, reggae and even Latino vibe/George Benson/Bill Withers guitar solos and ... See more

1 month ago

'Stir it up' performed by Andrew Wellesley at October's Metrojam

1 month ago

Stop Children What's That Sound performed byv Gary Reece with Andrew Wellesley at October Metrojam

1 month ago

A nice performance of Led Zep's 'Communication Breakdown' from October Metrojam by Gary Reece, Charlie Best, Mike Mckenzie on Drums, sorry bassist forgot your name

3 months ago
Event Photo

The first set of photos from Metrojam September our 1st Anniversary which was without doubt one of the best nights, with more to come.

Here's some photos from the first anniversary of Metrojam September our 1st Anniversary on 5th September at The Masons Arms in Kensal Green, possibly the best night so far!
With TJ Johnson, Spy ... See more

3 months ago

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up in September, help us celebrate Metrojam September our 1st Anniversary at The Masons Arms in Kensal Green on 5th September, all kicks off at 8.30 pm.
With TJ ... See more

5 months ago

Metrojam in July is coming on 'Independence Day' - It may have an American flavour!
It will be another excellent night of great music as expected, with some bands coming to perform and several music ... See more

6 months ago

Metrojam in June on Thursday 6th June 'D DAY' at The Masons Arms in Kensal Green London NW10 from 8.30pm
Full backline, PA and stage with TJ Johnson

8 months ago

The first Metrojam of the summer on 2nd May and continuing on the success of this amazing open stage event which includes a professional band of musicians, guests and jammers from London and further ... See more

8 months ago

The Metrojam in April is finally here at The Masons Arms in Kensal Green London NW10 5UN, near the tube.
We have such a good line up of pro musicians to play with you or take over ... See more

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Montage video from March's Metrojam

Here's a montage of some of the acts who performed at @Metrojam in March at The Masons Arms.Remember the next Metrojam is April 4th Metrojam in April

Posted by Paul Mason on Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Big George performing 'Papa was a rolling stone' at March's Metrojam

Had to post this first, wow what a version Big George with Rik Cunningham, Sophie M Reed (keeping perfect timing) and Andy Hodge (Slap bass) at Metrojam in March at The Masons Arms last nightPROPER SHOWTIME

Posted by Paul Mason on Friday, 8 March 2019

Metro Jam, Open Mic nights are every second Thursday of each month at The Grand Junction Arms, London NW10 7AD We have an excellent house band and it is now attracting some of the best singers and musicians in and around London Just turn up and get booked in, or just come a as an audience member and enjoy a great night of music.

at The Grand Junction Arms - London NW10 7AD

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